Monday, 30 April 2018

Chemical Plants & Equipments

 Hindustan Equipment Craft was established in the Year 1980 . Over the years HEC developed into a multi functional process equipment manufacturing organization. Today HEC caters need of quality process equipment of customer from a diverse industrial Segment. The experience of every passing year and customer demand ushered development of products for industries such as Water Treatment, Food, Beverages, Chemicals, and Explosives.
This monumental work for such a diverse industrial clientele was possible only due to a strong emphasis on research and development and strong focus on customer support. The ultra modern tools of design and quality manufacturing practices at shop floor forms the backbone of quality products at HEC.
Today HEC is geared up to take up challenging assignments in varied industrial segment confirming to the utmost stringent quality standards. Total quality products and practices backed by dedicated professional team makes Hindustan Equipment Craft a best choice for matchless process equipments
  • Bulk mixing & Delivery unit for doped emulsion.
  • Heavy ANFO
  • Heavy ANFO charging unit.
  • HANFO Blends
  • Combination of ANFO, Heavy ANFO & Doped emulsion unit.
  • Heavy ANFO Blend Trucks
  • Heavy ANFO Combination Systems
  • Heavy ANFO Explosive Mixing Truck
  • ANFO charging unit.
  • ANFO Loading Systems
  • ANFO BMD Truck
  • ANFO Pumper Trucks
  • ANFO Auger
  • ANFO Mixers
  • ANFO Loader
  • ANFO Storage Bins
  • Bulk Mixing & Delivery Systems
  • Bulk Loading systems
  • Bulk Loading ANFO
  • Heavy ANFO combination systems
  • Bulk Loading Pump Truck
  • Bulk Loading System with Operaters Cabin
  • Bulk Mixing ANFO
  • Bulk Emulsion Plant & Equipments
  • Blend trucks
  • Cartridge Emulsion Plant & Equipments
  • Continuous Slurry plant
  • Emulsion Trucks
  • Doped Emulsion Pump Truck
  • Emulsion Explosives Plants
  • Emulsion Storage Bins
  • Explosives Handling Equipment
  • Repump Trucks
  • Straight Emulsion Trucks Pump Truck
  • Slurry Explosives Plants
  • We manufacture complete plants for manufacture of Slurry Explosives. The plant comprises of :Volumetric Tank,Ribbon Blender,Product Hopper,OB Preparation Tank,OB Storage Vessel and Ammonium Nitrate Melt Storage Tank.Product filling sealing & conveying systems.
  • PETN Plant
  • We manufacture complete plants for manufacture of PETN. The plant comprises of :C.N.A. Storage Tank,Spent Acid Storage Tank,Measuring Vessel,Nitrator,Granulator,Dissolver,Acetone Condenser,PETN Dryer,Acid & Alkali Labyrinth,Acetone Holding Tank,Nutch Filter,Fume off Tank Scrubber,Drowning Tank,Vacuum traps.
  • PETN Dryers
  • Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Process Plants
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Homogenizer
  • Water Gel Explosives Trucks
  • Mobile Mixing Delivery Unit(MMU)Explosives Truck
  • Fully Automatic Continuous Fryers
  • Rice,Dal,Potato Cooker
  • Sigma Mixer
  • Mango Pulper
  • Steam Kettles
  • Auto Clave
  • Vacuum Evaporators
  • Shell & Tube heat Exchanger
  • Filter press
  • Microfine Sr Emulsifiers
  • Basket Centrifuges
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Triple Effect Evaporators
  • Jacketed Reaction Vessels
  • Double Cone Blender
  • Rotary Drum Dryers
  • Tray dryer
  • Containerized Ro Seawater Desalination Plant
  • Ozone Generator
  • Ozonized Water Dispenser

    HEC Factory & Office is located at Industrial area of MIDC Hingna which is located at 12 KM from city of Nagpur on National Highway 6 Amravati Road Mumbai Nagpur Highway. Nagpur being central to India is almost equal distance from all metro cities of India & having good access to Chhatisgarh & Oddisha on eastern side , Andhra & Telangana on South , Madhya Pradesh on North & entire Maharashtra , Goa , Gujarat on western side . Further the Nagpur city is well connected by Road, Air & railway for passengers as well as goods transport .The upcoming MIHAN project & muliti modal CARGO terminal with SEZ etc had added advantage for our location. It is projected that after implementation of GST Nagpur will get boost as logistics & ware housing hub . At present there are CONCOR, DLI and so many other container depots giving services to import & export trade.


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